Pennine Way planning

My thoughts are turning to my (completed in July 2013) Pennine Way walk for Crisis UK. Behind the scenes, I have been preparing for this walk. This has included assembling a kit which will hopefully meet the needs of the walk.

The main aim of my kit is to ensure that I can reach my destination in comfort. I have learned to focus on comfort and weight as the key factors for success on my walks so far. Some companies have been generous enough to offer discounts on some of the items I needed most. In particular Gossamer Gear in the U.S. offered me a discount on their 65L Mariposa rucksack which is one of the few of that size weighing in at less than 1kg. This is less than half the weight of my previous rucksack.

Gossamer Gear Mariposa rucksack

Gossamer Gear Mariposa rucksack

I have also been finalising my walking schedule in order to be able to book my accommodation for the journey. I am hoping to do about 18 days walking plus 2/3 rest days spread out along the way. As usual the accommodation has ended up being a mixture of hostels, bunkhouses, B&Bs and campsites. As I am not yet up to speed as a wild camper I have opted for campsites which give me the option of support, provisions, basic facilities & being a bit more sociable if I have the energy!

My training for the walk is going to plan. I have a range of warm up exercises to do which hopefully will keep me injury free. I also did 5 days of walking in north Northumberland in March 2013, the 70 mile St Cuthbert’s Way  walk in April 2013, and I am planning the Cumbria Way for May 2013.

One highlight of the St. Cuthbert’s Way was stopping for the night in Kirk Yetholm which is the official northern end of the Pennine Way. This boot garden was a sobering reminder of all the previous people to have attempted the walk and of how tough the walk will be. I hope that I make it back here in a better state than some of these boots.

Boot Garden

Boot garden at Kirk Yetholm

If any of you can afford to donate to CrisisUK to speed me on my way I would be very grateful. This is the link to my Just Giving page

Kirk Yetholm

Kirk Yetholm

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2 Responses to Pennine Way planning

  1. rucksackrose says:

    Hi Jerry, Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner but I have been out of signal on a walk. Thanks for the pointers & suggestions. I have just discovered the sternum strap whistle but it isn’t as loud as the plastic one I usually carry. I agree about Immodium being for emergency use only but being stuck without it can be miserable. The reason for the cheque book is that I have discovered many small accommodation providers don’t accept cards but I guess the real answer is to make sure you don’t run out of cash! I agree about the mobile on reflection and if I do take dehydrated food I would be posting it on to various points along the route so I wouldn’t have to carry it all from the start. Happy walking to you too


  2. Hi Rose
    Best of luck walking the PW. I’ve done it twice and found the first two stages (from Edale) easily the hardest; take your time with those, and provided you get through them OK I’m sure you will have no problems.
    Re the kit list, generally it looks fine. one or two small points:
    – whistle? Doesn’t the Mariposa include one on the sternum strap? My Miniposa and Gorilla both do
    – the problem with immodium is that you are not supposed to eat after taking it; but you won’t get far on the PW without eating.. dire emergency use only, I’d say
    – still a few redundant items (cheque book?! spare mobile?)
    – take 6 meals by all means but at least in the evenings, pubs etc. are not hard to find if you’d rather carry less
    Happy walking


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