Time in reconnaissance…

As I have now completed the St Cuthbert’s Way, the Cumbria Way plus a week of day walking as part of my training plan for my Pennine Way walk for Crisis, I am now resting up until I start my charity walk later this month.

I have recently been assembling and testing out my kit for the walk including a new lightweight tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat. I am relatively new to camping while I walk so this has included getting lots of good advice from friends on Twitter and sleeping out for a trial weekend to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a couple of pictures of the tent and equipment I will be using for the walk. If you would like to donate to raise money for the homeless this is the Just Giving Page

Trying out my kit in the garden

Many thanks for reading.


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I enjoy wild places, hiking, camping, writing and good chat.
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6 Responses to Time in reconnaissance…

  1. rucksackrose says:

    Thanks for your comments Ross-Barry. I hope it all goes to plan. I am certainly looking forward to the walk and to recording it


  2. rucksackrose says:

    I did hostels and B&Bs as I am still a camping novice and don’t have a winter bag. There are no formal campsites that I was aware of between Melrose and Wooler so you could only wild camp, although I believe the law changes as you enter England where the Northumberland National Park line is that you are supposed to get permission from the landowner. I wasn’t thinking about things like water supplies as you might have to do if you wild camped so couldn’t really advise about that aspect of the route. It would be great to read an account of camping on the route though.


  3. rucksackrose says:

    It is lovely at this time of year. I did it a bit early, before the greenery had got going but it is well signed and pretty varied


  4. Quite fancy the St Cuthbert’s Way myself…


  5. Ross-Barry Finlayson says:

    Hi “rucksackrose”,
    I am very proud of you, and what you are doing. You are going to love this, especially carrying all this gear with you and the camping-out.
    I hope you will be packing your video & still cameras so we can admire all you are doing, as-well-as some of the great scenery you are bound to experience.

    All My Regards,



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