Which long distance trail?

After a Twitter brainstorm which lasted for most of the day, and involved some great hikers and runners, I thought I would collate the answers I received into a blog post so that you can vote for your top three trails. The closing date for votes is 1st March 2014.

Sorry if your favourite trail isn’t included in the poll but I had to close the nominations at some point. The list is entirely made up of trails suggested by people on Twitter. It can only ever be a selection as there are so many great trails out there. Please feel free to vote and add your own comments or additions to the list as a comment. Thanks for taking part.


Wall along the Whin Sill

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5 Responses to Which long distance trail?

  1. Steph says:

    The Camino de Santiago is definitely on my list of future trails to do- would like to do the AT but maybe part of it as it’s so long…


  2. rucksackrose says:

    I take your point but creating the poll out of the very varied suggestions of people on Twitter was a very ad hoc idea. I quite liked the fact that they included all kinds of trails and one or two which aren’t really trails at all. The intention was to be inclusive and democratic. Some people have complained about trails I missed off as though I created the list. It is not my list and only includes one of my top 3 trails. I closed nominations at 11pm last night and any suggestions which arrived after that were not included.


  3. Seems you have 2 lists here really. Short trails of 2-3 weeks and long treks of 2-3 months. Difficult to compare 90 miles of Hadrians Wall with 3000 miles of PCT


  4. rucksackrose says:

    Sorry if your favourite trail isn’t included in the trail poll. It was trails suggested yesterday on Twitter & I had to close nominations 😦


  5. billinverkip says:

    Don’t see the Great glen way in the list, or St Cuthberts way. 😦


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