Blow the whistle on bullying

Blow the whistle on bullying

Blow the whistle on bullying in the outdoors

I have always strived to be an ambassador for the outdoors as it, and the people in it, have been saviours to me during difficult times. However it can sometimes be an aggressive place where people can become quite unpleasant and vindictive. If you find yourself on the receiving end of this kind of bullying, don’t suffer in silence. Blow the whistle, because you will generally find that other people are aware of who the bullies are, even if they don’t openly say so.

In the end I don’t think the majority of people involved in the outdoors want it to be diminished by the bullies, so don’t allow them to undermine you. It is not an occupational hazard, it is a problem to be confronted.

Blow the whistle to send a message to the bullies that everyone know who they are.

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