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I have quirky preferences about books. The world of routes in particular, has become more complex than it used to be. I like to have real, paper route and route reference books rather than ebooks for some reason that I can’t entirely explain. I also enjoy paperback long distance walk guides, which I tend to read beforehand to save weight, and then credit them in my trip reports. However, I usually read my fiction, adventure and technical books on my e book reader.


Route books and maps

Regarding navigation and maps, I keep my options open and switch from one method to another. I download and record routes, and dip into both route books and apps to get ideas. I have also been known to take photos of relevant pages, so I can read them on my phone as I walk. At times I rely entirely on digital GPS routes, but personally I am finding that books remain an important resource for me. It is a strange hybrid world that outdoor users live in now, with proponents of different methods hotly debating which is best.

Berwickshire Coastal Path

Berwickshire Coastal Path route

Recent discussion has turned to the unreliability of some downloads by or for inexperienced users. In acknowledgement of the good use I have put my day route books to, even in this digital age, I thought it would be a timely moment to mention a few of the old school route and route reference books I use as well as the downloads:


  • Townsend, Chris. ‘World Mountain Ranges – Scotland’ Cicerone. 2010
  • ‘The UK Trailwalker’s Handbook’ Eighth Edition. LDWA. 2009


  • Bagshaw, Chris et al. ’50 Walks in Durham and Northumbria’ AA. 2010
  • Baker, Edward. ‘Walking the Cheviots’ Sigma. 1996. Out of print.
  • Baker, Edward. ‘Walks in the Secret Kingdom’ Sigma. 1998. Out of Print
  • Brooks & Conduit. ‘Northumberland, The Borders and Hadrian’s Wall’ Pathfinder. 2000
  • Hall, Alan. ‘Walking in Northumberland’ Cicerone. 2010
  • Hallewell, Richard. ‘Short Walks in Northumbria’ The Ramblers. Collins. 2011


  • Hall, Alan. ‘The Border Country – A Walker’s Guide’ Cicerone. 2010
  • Jackson, Peter. ’25 Walks. The Scottish Borders’ Mercat Press. 2009
  • Turnbull, Ronald. ‘Ben Nevis and Glencoe’ Cicerone. 2007
  • Scotways. ‘Scottish Hill Tracks’ Scottish Mountaineering Trust. 2011.


  • Goodier, Steve. ‘The Low Fells. Top 10 Walks’. Northern Eye. 2012
  • Marshall, Stuart. ‘Walking the Wainwrights’. Sigma. 2013

If you would like to recommend any new or interesting route books, apps or maps, please let me know.

Rose 🌹 April 2017.


Good paths heading north to Ingram

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  1. hillplodder says:

    Not that quirky – I’m the same. Ebooks are great for books you read in a linear fashion (ie fiction). For anything factual you may want to keep backtracking in or flick through, paper is much less faff.

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