Using Mountain Rescue

On the Speyside Way recently I made a call to rescue services for navigational advice as there was a discrepancy between my map and the signage. It was getting late and I was stuck in a seemingly endless rocky barbed wire corridor which wasn’t wide enough to pitch my tent. My tired reasoning was simply that a call for advice now might prevent a call for help later. Some walkers, who are not really representative of my readership, were critical of this decision so this is just a quick response to them.

In the 20 years since I began hiking, I have once requested a call out from Mountain Rescue and have sought advice two or possibly three times on solo long distance walks. On each of these occasions I made a donation to the relevant team.

Speyside Way

Speyside Way Map

I would just like to quote a DM I received from a professional rescue person regarding my call for advice:

“I think if your call prevented you from getting into danger then it was worthwhile. The Mountain Rescue teams would rather you didn’t get hurt and so would I…I’ve met lots of people who should have done what you did”

As I have a relative who was involved in mountain rescue, I realise how valuable their service is to the outdoor community. My relative sustained a permanent injury whilst carrying out a mountain rescue with his team, so I am fully aware of the risks teams face while providing this service. I am also aware of my personal responsibilities to use their resources sparingly and to provide the best outdoor advice I can on this site.

Pennine Way

Pennine Way route map

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