Rucksack Rose 5th Birthday

Just a short post to say that it will be five years tomorrow since I began to create Rucksack Rose on YouTube on 17th September 2012. Within a month this was followed by the creation of my Twitter account, my first videos and this blog. For those who don’t know, Rucksack Rose was originally dedicated to my late mum, and was intended to share the good and simple things in the outdoor world such as beauty and kindness.


Rucksack Rose 5th Birthday

I had great plans for this fifth year but, without going into details, online bullying laid waste to some of them, which was a sad moment for me and for this blog. Anyway, having taken advice, I am pressing on for those who share my interests and enjoy the content I produce, although I may be a bit less open about my plans and personal information. Can I ask that if you don’t respect the aims of my content, you simply unfollow. It’s not difficult.

I know you’ve all heard this stuff before, but to those who have recently discovered my blog and those who have stuck by me for all or some of the last five years, I would like to say a big thank you for over 101k YouTube views, 103k blog views, as well as your advice, support and inspiration. I genuinely appreciate all these things and I will continue to try and keep to the original intentions of the blog, which I have outlined in the About section.

RR Thanks

Rucksack Rose Thank You

Happy Hiking. Rose🌹

About rucksackrose

I enjoy wild places, hiking, camping, writing and good chat.
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