Snaps from The Sill

After a very busy summer at this new centre, I decided to sit it out until things calmed down a bit before taking some pictures. These are a few snaps taken during a quiet term-time November weekday at The Sill Centre and YHA on Hadrian’s Wall. It is within easy reach of Housesteads Roman Fort, Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum, as well as some of the most iconic parts of the wall.

If you are thinking of visiting the centre or staying at the YHA, you can find some suggested day walks with GPX at Roman Roaming, and an account of the whole national trail at Hadrian’s Wall Path.

The Sill Entrance

Entrance to The Sill, Northumberland

The Sill

The Sill Main Entrance, Northumberland

The Sill front face

The front face at The Sill, Northumberland

The Sill canopy

Wooden canopy at The Sill, Northumberland

The Sill Roof

End view of The Sill with terrace, cafe and grassland roof

View from The Sill roof garden

View from The Sill grassland roof

The Sill Museum

Display space, The Sill, Northumberland


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2 Responses to Snaps from The Sill

  1. Sheila Bull says:

    Brilliant! I’ve just been there and I think its good. The cafes not bad either.

    Liked by 1 person

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