Southern Spotlight

The hard winter seems to have brought about a bumper spring with an abundance of wild flowers and sunny days up here. I have spent most of the first part of this fruitful year exploring and revisiting the southern part of Northumberland, including Amble, Morpeth and Rothbury.

This part of the county is less familiar to me than North Northumberland where I lived for about nine years. However it has been interesting to get to know this area more, revisit older walks and create new ones.

Amble and Morpeth

These towns are both accessible from the urban centres of Ashington, Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland. They are therefore well served by public transport and have a good selection of facilities. Neither town was very familiar to me before this year, so I have felt like an explorer trying to create walks with only the maps and local chat to go on. I am never going to be able to write about these areas as intimately as a local person can but I have enjoyed learning more about them.

St James the Great
St James the Great Church from Newgate Street, Morpeth
Bothal Castle
Bothal Castle
Coquet Island, Northumberland seen from the boat.


Rothbury is the site of some of my earliest walks as a teen and my first Rucksack Rose trip in 2012. I have a very soft spot for the town which benefits from good facilities, a regular bus service and a great path network radiating from the town centre. My aims here were to add a new walk to my Rothbury Rambles, and to improve the existing videos and photos by using a better camera. I am pleased with how much better they look.

Across Coquet Valley
Rothbury across the Coquet Valley
Cartington Castle
Cartington Castle, Rothbury, Northumberland

Hopefully it won’t be long before I can get further afield to bring you more walking during this peak season.

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