60 minute walking

For many of us, walking is not as important as family and friends during this crisis, but for those who are able, exercise can be essential for remaining positive. Anyone who enjoys walking as a hobby will not be enjoying the present restrictions one bit, but while they are vital now, they will pass.

Five years ago during a spell in Newcastle I had to compromise all my adventure plans and explore what was on my doorstep due to family responsibilities and lack of resources. Following a long period of walking in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland, it was difficult not to view these walks as a poor substitute.

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

During this period of local walking I learned that there are still some interesting things to see, as well as wild spaces, if you know where to look. Inspired by the movement to create city parks in Glasgow and London, and by writers promoting the idea of local do-able adventures, I have been exploring my own back yard here in Edinburgh due to the present restrictions.

Leith, Edinburgh

It is easy to believe that your local area holds no surprises. Luckily for me Edinburgh is still full of surprises which I was really looking forward to exploring this year. However like everyone else, I am shaping my interests around the possible for the moment.

St Margaret’s Loch, Holyrood Park

Wherever we live, we either discount local walking and sit at home with cabin fever or we get out there and discover, or rediscover, our own local area. I am not recommending that anyone break the guidelines, but that they check out the places nearby which they may have taken for granted.