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I am a hiker, scrambler, rider, sometime cyclist and outed survivor, with a love of wild places, currently based in the north of England. I have been doing day hikes, long distance trails, riding and cycling in both England and Scotland since 1998.

The main aim of Rucksack Rose is to create a welcoming and inclusive blog for other outdoor users. I am constantly learning about the countryside, walking and camping, so I am happy to listen to constructive advice, to undertake training and to research things I don’t know about. To develop my skills I continually set targets for myself and appraise my own performance and decisions. I aim to walk and camp responsibly, leaving no trace.

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I am originally from Newcastle upon Tyne in England, and was brought up in a family with no particular country leanings. Although I went riding and pony trekking regularly as a child, I was a late starter to walking, apart from the odd bimble along the coast. When I went on my first Northumberland hill walks aged 18, they made a huge impression on my young, urban sensibilities.

In my twenties I moved to London, but my thoughts would sometimes turn to the Cheviot Hills and the wild Northumbrian countryside. As fate would have it, a divorce later brought me back up north to be near my family. After a couple of years I moved to the Scottish Borders where I began walking, riding and cycling on both sides of the border.

I started recording the walks which now form an accompaniment to my blog and the resulting videos are dedicated to my mum and to anybody unable to do the walks for any reason.

“The moment you say you’re an expert, you can’t learn any more and the learning is what it’s all about” Ray Mears.

Other sites

Twitter: @RucksackRose Sharing my own work and that of the talented people I follow
Instagram: rucksackrose A visual record of various walks and trips
YouTube: RucksackRose Walking, camping and gear videos & slideshows
Viewranger: Rucksack Rose Many of my GPX day hike routes are available from here.


I enjoy walking long distance trails and the independence of being self supporting and organising my own schedules. All my trails are dedicated to people who have been part of my life. Below is the list of trails I have completed so far.

Speyside Way. 2017. 65 miles / 105 km
Berwickshire Coastal Path. 2017. 30 miles / 48 km
Pennine Way. 2013. 270 miles / 430 km
Cumbria Way. 2013. 73 miles / 120 km
St. Cuthbert’s Way. 2013. 63 miles / 100 km
Dales Way. 2012. 80 miles / 128 km
Hadrian’s Wall Path. 2012. 85 miles / 137 km


Clockwise: Malham Cove, Hadrian’s Wall, High Force, Helm Crag

Supporting Me

If you would like to support me, feature in my content or have a say in my plans, please take a look at my Supporting Me page


My personal thanks to John, Iain, Tom, Berwick Ramblers, Ian, Peter, Bev, Glen, Chris, Colin, Daron, Stick, Ben, Peter, Martin, Jan, Tanya, Terry, Gareth, Graham, Paul and Norman for advice and inspiration. Apologies if I haven’t mentioned you here yet but hopefully you know who you are.


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