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“Everest” directed by Baltasar Kormàkur.

This account of the events of the 1996 Everest Disaster (also covered in Krakauer’s book “Into Thin Air” in Books) is said to be based on Beck Weathers’ book ‘Left for Dead’ (2000) rather than Krakauer’s account of events. It focuses more tightly on the Rob Hall Adventure Consultants expedition. Characters from Scott Fischer’s and other expeditions make briefer appearances. The film also incorporates the events seen from the perspective of the base camp crew, Rob Hall’s pregnant girlfriend and Beck Weather’s Texan wife back home. This inclusion of the crew and families adds an important human dimension to the more technical information contained in the story, all of which is quite faithfully conveyed.

The cinematography was stunning to watch, managing to convey the smallness of the human beings in the vast Himalayan landscape, and the thundering surround sound makes you feel like you are there on the mountain with them during the storm and avalanches. There are some very fine and convincing central performances, particularly from Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin and Emily Watson. Although many people will know the outcome of the story, the climax of the film remains very moving.


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