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Cycling the Earth by Sean Conway. 

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Sean Conway’s life was stuck in a rut when he heard about a round the world cycling race. ‘Cycling the Earth’ graphically describes the challenges involved in Conway’s attempt to complete the round the world race solo and unsupported. It would be a huge undertaking as he hadn’t ridden a bike for some years.

After completing a gruelling training schedule, Sean sets off from London on this adventure of a lifetime. Soon he is ahead of schedule and on course to break the round the world cycling record, but then a disaster strikes, forcing him to confront the possibility that he may be unable to complete the race. During his recuperation he must decide whether to give up this once in a lifetime challenge or alter his goals with humility and continue his adventure.

The details of the journey are described in the colourful colloquial style which are characteristic of the author.

I paid the normal price for this book