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Rucksack Readers: Coast to Coast, St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay.

C2C Guide

This new edition of the Coast to Coast walk guide is produced in line with the range of Rucksack Reader editions from this Edinburgh publisher.ย This Coast to Coast Guide is printed on weatherproof, biodegradeable paper and the spiral bindings enables the user to open it out flat. It is published in high spec full colour with photographs by Karen Frenkel containing introductory sections to aid planning and preparation, well researched background information and a final section of further information and references.

The walk is divided into 16 daily stages with concise directions, route options, altitude profiles and 1:55,000 colour maps by Lovell Johns. At 220mm x 150mm and 295g, the guide should fit in most garment or rucksack pockets, although it is slightly on the tall side for me. There is the option to download the Daily Stages section of the guide as a pdf which could be used during the walk as an alternative to carrying the book. ย There is also some additional content and a downloadable GPX file available from

On the whole the book has been thoughtfully produced, addressing some of the physical problems I have experienced with walking guides (rain damage and spine deterioration). I also appreciate the additional extras such as the downloadable pdf guide and GPX file which allow the walker to get all the forms of information they require in a one stop shop.

Many walking books are self consciously low spec on the reasonable assumption that they will take a bit of rough handling and battering during a walk. It is therefore quite nice to find a guide that subverts the trend by proving that quality doesn’t have to be sacrificed to toughness.


This was a free review copy which was available on request from the publisher.