When I began doing long distance trails in 2012, it soon became obvious that the ability to wild camp would stop me being tied to a walking schedule each day and reduce the overall costs of my trips considerably. As I had a fear of wild camping, the game plan over the last few years has been to transition from bed and breakfasts to wild camping in gradual stages. Readers who have followed my long distance trails will be aware of this shift in approach in my trips from Hadrian’s Wall to the present.

So far I have only wild camped in Britain – in the Peak District – site of my first group camp, Northumberland where I did my first solo camp, and Scotland where I completed my first wild camped trail. As learning to wild camp has involved overcoming my own fears as well as dealing with unpleasantness from a small group of Twitter trolls, I decided to be more open about the fact that I had a game plan when I started writing this blog and why, in my page on Fear and the Outdoors

Just as I have always tried to be a responsible walker, I strive to be a responsible camper, follow the codes and leave no trace of my visit. I have created this Camps section to share my trips.

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Camps Playlist

I started recording my walks on video in 2012 to share the beauty of the walks with others. Above is a link to my new Camps playlist if that is an area which interests you.

Sunrise from Shillhope Law, Northumberland in winter

Sunrise from Shillhope Law, Northumberland in winter


Thanks to many people, but especially to Colin, Chris, Daron, Stick, Emma, Peter, Martin, Terry, Matt, Vix, Norman and Paul for their support and advice in this area.