I am a hiker, rider and sometime cyclist based in northern England. I have been doing day hikes and long distance trails on both sides of the border for over 15 years. I enjoy being self supporting, improving my hill skills, setting myself challenges and organising my own schedules, which involve a mixture of B&Bs, hostels, bunk barns, campsites and wild camping.

I try to keep the posts in this section up to date and I welcome constructive criticism, but please consider that maybe some of the posts aren’t aimed at you. I am not trying to provide definitive information on any of the subjects I cover, but I am answering questions which I get asked. I am a developing outdoor person with strengths and weaknesses like everyone else, which will be different again in a year’s time, but I do take my responsibilities to provide good advice seriously by researching my posts, completing training courses and listening to others.

This is a link to my outdoor YouTube channel which I hope will enhance the posts on this blog.

Rucksack Rose channel

I began recording my walks on video in 2012 as reminders to myself and to share the beauty of the walks with others. I am now striving to improve the quality with a better camera and editing software, in situ sound and maybe some commentary.

If you would like to support me and have a say in my plans, please take a look at my Supporting Me page


Bluebells on the River Till near Cornhill, Northumberland

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