I have been hiking, cycling, riding and camping on both sides of the Scottish / English border for about 20 years. I enjoy being self supporting, improving my hill skills, setting myself challenges and planning new projects.ย I try to keep the information in this section up to date and I welcome constructive criticism, but please consider that maybe some of the posts aren’t aimed at you.

I am a developing outdoor person with strengths and weaknesses like everyone else, but I do take my responsibilities to provide good advice seriously by reading, researching my posts, completing appropriate courses, attending meetings and talks and listening to others.

If you would like to support me, feature in my content or have a say in my plans, please take a look at my Supporting Meย page.


Rucksack Roseย Channel

I began recording simple slideshows of my walks in 2012 out of a desire to share their beauty with others. I’m now improving the quality with a better camera and editing software, in situ sound and commentaries. Above is a link to my outdoor YouTube channel which will hopefully enhance the posts on this blog.