I have completed several long distance walks including Hadrian’s wall and the Pennine Way since 2012. There has been interest in those trails on this site and on social media, where they remain some of my most popular posts. The trip reports in this section are listed with the most recent first.

I enjoy being self supporting and organising my own schedules and places to stay, but it soon became apparent that the ability to wild camp would stop me being tied to a schedule each day, and reduce the overall costs of my trips. Readers who have been following my trails will be aware of a shift in approach from B&Bs on Hadrian’s Wall to campsite backpacking on the Pennine Way, and finally wild camping on the Berwickshire Coastal Path. You can read more about this journey in the Camps Section.

As well as kit lists, I have added links to my trail data sheets to some blog posts in this section, although they come with a warning that some information may be out of date. I hope these will be helpful to anyone planning to do the walks themselves.

Long Distance Trails

I started recording my walks on video in 2012 to share the beauty of the walks with others. Above is a link to a playlist of my recent trails or long distance walks. If you would like to support me and have a say in my plans, please take a look at my Supporting Me page.


Hadrian’s Wall

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