I was born within the older county boundaries of Northumberland. Although I used to go on riding holidays as a teenager, I didn’t start walking in the county until after moving back up here from London several years later. I started by walking with my partner and friends just before the foot and mouth epidemic broke out. This period gave me an affecting insight into the fragility of the farming economy and the importance of respecting the countryside.

This early walking led to my joining a walking group on the Scottish / English border, which gave me the opportunity to explore the Cheviot Hills and beyond, on some of the finest and quietest walks in the county. I got to know much more about the local geography, botany, geology, history and folklore of the area by reading and listening to the other members of the walking group, as I gradually acclimatised to the different rhythms of country life.

My first distance walk was Hadrian’s wall followed by the St Cuthbert’s Way from Melrose to Holy Island, which crosses into Northumberland near Kirk Yetholm, the Pennine Way, which includes some breathtaking parts of the county, and the first part of the Northumberland Coast Path. If you would like to support me and have a say in my plans, please take a look at my Supporting Me page.

I started recording my walks on video in 2012 to share the walks with others. Below is a link to my Northumberland playlist.

Northumberland walks

I have also more recently done some walks around Tyneside and have created a new playlist of these (below).

Tyneside walks

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland


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